Pet Grooming Tools Bundle of Slicker Brush, Double-Sided Stainless Comb, and Fur Clip. Optional Pet Name Engraving (Copy)


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Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

  • Stainless steel fine bent wires with or without beads designed to penetrate deep into the coat. Suitable for everyday use for the maintenance of your pet’s healthy skin and coat, increasing blood circulation, and leaving your pet’s soft and shiny coat.

With Beads is recommended for puppy or kitten, with short to medium coat and with sensitive skin and fragile coats

Without Beads is more effective to remove the dead undercoats without damaging the topcoat. Suitable to all fur length with curly, wire-haired coat, smooth to double-coated coats, and prone to tangles and matted fur

  • Sizes available depending on your pet size: 

Small 9*11.7cm, Medium 11.5*13cm, Large 12*18cm

Double-Sided Pet Comb

  • Stainless steel featuring rounded pin ends that will work perfectly for any Cat and Dog’s fur without scraping their skin.
  • Sparse tooth: Glides through the thick or thin coat, from root to tip. Very smoothly and helps to reduce static in the coat, prevents tangles and knots
  • Dense tooth: This comb is perfect for combing out difficult facial areas, such as the eyes, ears, nose, and around the mouth, especially around the eyes. Closely spaced together, to go over each individual hair. Ideal for removing fleas and ticks.
  • Size: 20.8*5.4 cm

Fur-Style Hair Accessories

  • 6 Colorful Pet Sun Glasses Clip, 3*8 cm, plastic, and metallic clip

Optional Pet Name Personalization

 Maximum of 9 letters with a standard Atma font

  • Laser Engrave for both Brush and Comb
  • Additional ₱60 surcharge when it’s not on promotion period. Stay tuned to our social media to avail them free.

Note: Please be sure to leave the pet name information when placing the order. If we don’t get the pet name information within 2 days, we will give you a non-customized one. We hope to get your understanding and cooperation due to the shipping schedule. Thank you.

Attention: As of August 1, 2022, Pet name engraving is currently unavailable until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenient caused. Thank you.


Add ₱ 60 engraving surcharge, Large, Medium, Small


With Beads, Without Beads, With Personalization


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