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Providing your puppy a good start in life

J. Janelle, July 31, 2021

A happy and calm puppy is a lot easier to groom than an anxious one! Puppies are definitely adorable no matter what, it’s easy to forget and not knowing that you should groom them regularly. It is best to get into the habit when your puppy is still young enough to adjust to the routine until they turn into a full-grown dog. Before you start, save some ten or fifteen minutes of active play. Possibly, select a game that you already know she enjoys, and one that burns off plenty of energy. Keep in mind to provide frequent rewards, so that your puppy will be up to listen to your commands during grooming. Train your little guy used to be handled by gently touching his coat all over, from head to tail. Gently lift his paws, massage his pads and ears especially if your puppy has an exceptionally thick coat.
Check your puppy’s nails regularly and keep them properly trimmed. Allow your puppy to sniff the nail clippers before you attempt to use them. If your puppy displays interest, reward with a high-value treat. Choose a non-alcohol ear cleaning solution for cleaning the ears. Best, use clean water to damp cotton to remove ear wax. Trimming of paws, private parts, and eye areas is recommended to have professionals handling as it will be using sharp tools such as scissors and fur clippers. Puppies are naturally curious, playful, and may stimulate movements when they hear a new sound coming from the shavers. If you don’t feel confident doing this to yourself, most vets or groomers will also offer this service. This can save your time and can prevent any injuries or stress if never handle properly.
Puppies shouldn’t be bathed until they are at least eight weeks old or 12 weeks is better. Lukewarm water is advisable as they have trouble regulating their body temperature at that age and can be easily get chilled. We can consider a frequent bath base on your pet’s living condition and when they are more a little bit grown depending on the breed and level of maintenance required.
Use only shampoos approved for puppies. Human products and especially human baby shampoos are designed for oily scalp and can dry out your puppy’s tender skin and possibly cause allergic reactions. It may not reflect soon but it will arise in a long run. When washing your dog, ensure you keep the shampoo away from his eyes. A non-slip rubber mat at the bottom of the bath will give your puppy confidence and help prevent slips and falls. Remember it is only natural for your dog to want to shake vigorously after being bathed. Make sure you have to rinse well and gently towel dry him down before he soaks you too!
Ideally, you should brush your puppy with his special brush suitable for his coat type, every day. You may wish to trim his coat, especially the hair around his ears, eyes, and feet. If your own breed requires a special haircut or trim to keep him looking his best, then ask for professional advice from a qualified dog groomer.
Various puppies have different needs when it comes to grooming their coats, and fulfilling them may require specific tools for different tasks. This is very true when it comes to combs and brushes. Thick coats require a wide-toothed comb. If your puppy has a thin coat, you should invest in a fine-toothed version. Likewise, a curry brush works best for short hair, while a pin brush is a better choice for long-haired dogs. If your unsure which category your puppy falls into, choose a slicker brush as its a great multi-purpose tool that does a decent job on all fur types.
Regular careful handling will give you the chance to get to know your puppy’s body. This can be very useful to help you detect early health problems and will have the added benefit of getting your puppy used to being handled. Most dogs enjoy being stroke and groomed, especially if it is started early in life. Grooming regularly helps improve skin and coat conditions and build up the bond between you and your little pup.

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